Concealed carry weapons do and don’ts in Virginia

Concealed carry in Virginia is legal provided that you have all the necessary requirements to apply for it. The permit is granted to qualified citizens to circuit courts in the city or county which they reside. There are many benefits of carrying a concealed firearm, you can defend your family in almost any places that you go and protection is not far from your reach. Bearing a firearm is a right carries a high degree of responsibility. It should not be used until prevalent danger to your life or the lives of innocent people are at stake. Home defense is another importance of having a firearm, it protects your homes and properties from would be intruders. But having a concealed handgun permit does not justify the following:
-Brandishing – Brandishing Firearm Virginia is strictly prohibited under the Concealed Carry Weapon Permit whether it is accidental or not;
– Gun toting – similar with brandishing but with criminal intent; and
– threatening to use firearm in a duel


It is not because you have been granted by the circuit court a permit to carry your weapon outside your resident that you can use it to threaten or intimidate other people, especially those people that you used to argue with because of small misunderstanding. Responsible gun ownership is a must for every gun owners. It is true that making guns accessible to citizens could possibly thwart criminal activities like burglary, rape, murder, robbery etc. but it could also become a cause of a more devastating incident. Let’s take school shooting incidents for example, parents who keep guns in their homes or cars or in their purses should make it sure that it is secured from the reach of their children.

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